Saturday, June 09, 2012

"Love Him Through It"

There's no doubt that I love all my children.  Desperately, passionately, loudly at times. They all have their quirks, and they all have their sweetness and sometimes one struggles more than usual with everyday life.

My smart, empathetic, kind eldest child said recently  --

"We just have to love him through it"

How true is that in so many situations we find ourselves in day to day?  "We just have to love him through it."

I loved that he said it, that he thought it, that he is truly trying to live it.  (Nobody's perfect . . . and that's okay . . . the effort is there and some moments it is a monumental effort.)

We should all remember that simple statement.  "We just have to love him through it."  And remember as well, there are plenty of times when those around you are loving you through it and they deserve the same in return.

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