Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kaijudo Show Review

Recently, I had a few boys over to watch a new show that was sent to me thanks to my relationship with MomSelect and MommyParties.

The show, Kaijudo - Rise of the Duel Masters, airs on the Hub Network.  The overview of the show, from their website, said: 

"Kaijudo is the story of Raiden Pierce-Okamoto, aka Ray, a talented 14-year-old boy, and the two worlds in which he lives. One is the real world much like our own, and the other is a fantastical world of creatures, a parallel world made up of five civilizations, visible only to a chosen few..."

With that brief introduction, my boys were excited and couldn't wait to check out the show.   Even my husband got in on the party, and donned a Kaijudo headband along with the kids!  

My 11yo, Colin, was kind enough to write a review.
Recently my friends and I watched a new show on THE HUB, Kaijudo. We originally had very low expectations for the show. It just seemed like many other shows we have seen in the past, but it soon surpassed our expectations!
We found it to be very cool and interesting. I would definitely recommend this show to other kids ages 7-11.
This was an amazing, well-animated show, especially comparing it to shows like Pokemon. On Pokemon, they don’t really animate fight scenes, but this was fully animated and very exciting to watch.

I’m very excited to see more!
So, you can see -- it was a hit!  New episodes run on the HUB network Saturdays at 8PM EST.  The show is rated for kids 7 and up. We don't currently receive the HUB network from our cable provider, but the boys are able to keep up with the shows via the HUB website.  

Colin, especially, was excited to see that there is a corresponding card game currently available in stores and looks forward to buying some of the cards. 

*Disclosure: I received a party pack from Mom Select and Mommy Parties in exchange for posting my honest review and sharing the information about the new Kaijudo television show.  All opinions expressed are those of my family.*

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