Thursday, February 09, 2012

Tell Me Thursday - Talker

This past Saturday, there was a local NSA Kids Meeting at ASU.  Nate and I were looking forward to it, and decided to stop for breakfast on our way.  I can't believe how much he's grown -- he ate that huge plate of food and then immediately ate snacks when we got to the meeting.  A growth spurt is definintely in the works!

The meeting was another great meeting!  I love how they start with everyone together and then break out into groups of parents, kids and teens.  The parents group talked about IEPs last week, while the kids talked about relaxation strategies to employ while stuttering (or preparing to speak) and the teens talked about teasing. 

After the meeting, we were talking with one of the leaders, who happened to be in the kids' group with Nate.  She thanked him for being so willing to talk and keep the conversation going.  She said she knew she could count on him to contribute, even when everyone else was quiet. 

That's the truth!  He has rarely let his stutter keep him from talking.  When I snapped this picture, he was telling me about Ford Mustangs.  He has an amazing wealth of knowledge about those cars!  I love how eager he is to learn, and how eager he is to share what he has learned.

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