Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tell Me Thursday - Sight

Colin's teacher sent an email a couple weeks ago letting me know that he insisted on laying his head down on his desk while doing his work, and it turned out that it was because he was struggling to see.  It had been almost a year since his last eye exam, and I knew that it was due -- but her email prompted an immediate visit.

Turns out, his vision had changed.  A LOT!  Poor kid needed almost an entire degree change in each lens.  This picture is of his new glasses -- and the most important thing is that he can now see clearly!

Zeiss Lenses has some great educational information available about vision care, eye appointments and the ever-important lenses when vision correction is necessary.   They recommend an eye exam every 2 years once kids are in school, but obviously if there appears to be a vision change, then more often.  I remember one year when Colin needed 3 different prescriptions within the same year!

I also appreciated the information about vision after the age of 40.  I've worn progressive lenses for a few years now, and while I sort of understood the need for reading glasses, the article provided me with the facts.  After a certain age, the crystalline lens over your eye loses flexibility, which makes it harder to focus on close objects.

I've worn glasses or contacts since I was 5 or 6 years old. Vision isn't something I take for granted, and I am grateful for the improvements in vision correction!  

*Disclosure: I was provided the information about Zeiss Lenses Educational Tools from Zeiss and MomSelect.  In consideration of sharing this information, I received a gift card and a lens cleaning kit.  No additional compensation was provided.*

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