Monday, December 26, 2011

Doll Hair Rescue

This is Celia.  She is a much-loved baby in our home.  She was a gift for Lydia's first Christmas.  She also has c-r-a-z-y hair. 

I have tried to comb it, and had very little luck making her look presentable.  Lydia says she's just a "rock star."  Apparently, rock stars have crazy hair.

I saw a post on Pinterest about rescuing doll hair.  It was recommended to use a Wig Wire Brush and diluted fabric softener to tame doll tresses.

I ordered the brush a few weeks ago, but since I switched to the fabric softener granules, I didn't have any liquid fabric softener.  Today, I finally remembered to buy a bottle, as well as a small squirt bottle.

I did a half and half solution of liquid fabric softener and water and sprayed it on Celia's hair.  Then, I started brushing with the wire brush.  I ended up wetting her hair pretty thoroughly, but you can see the results below!

Next, I'm going to take on some of the Barbies in our house!


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Cool on the new wedding band, and so many other things. I remember talking about that with you. At least no one will suggest a place where you can go to meet men while in Iowa, at least hopefully! ;). I did the meme. I changed a few questions because some of them aren't now and have never really been relevant. Happy New Year, friend!

  2. Kraig4:33 PM

    Nice job on the doll hair!

  3. That's really amazing how well the doll's hair turned out.... I am *almost* motivated to try this on a couple of our "rock star" dolls [ I love that LOL!].


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