Monday, December 26, 2011

Doll Hair Rescue

This is Celia.  She is a much-loved baby in our home.  She was a gift for Lydia's first Christmas.  She also has c-r-a-z-y hair. 

I have tried to comb it, and had very little luck making her look presentable.  Lydia says she's just a "rock star."  Apparently, rock stars have crazy hair.

I saw a post on Pinterest about rescuing doll hair.  It was recommended to use a Wig Wire Brush and diluted fabric softener to tame doll tresses.

I ordered the brush a few weeks ago, but since I switched to the fabric softener granules, I didn't have any liquid fabric softener.  Today, I finally remembered to buy a bottle, as well as a small squirt bottle.

I did a half and half solution of liquid fabric softener and water and sprayed it on Celia's hair.  Then, I started brushing with the wire brush.  I ended up wetting her hair pretty thoroughly, but you can see the results below!

Next, I'm going to take on some of the Barbies in our house!


  1. Cool on the new wedding band, and so many other things. I remember talking about that with you. At least no one will suggest a place where you can go to meet men while in Iowa, at least hopefully! ;). I did the meme. I changed a few questions because some of them aren't now and have never really been relevant. Happy New Year, friend!

  2. Kraig4:33 PM

    Nice job on the doll hair!

  3. That's really amazing how well the doll's hair turned out.... I am *almost* motivated to try this on a couple of our "rock star" dolls [ I love that LOL!].


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