Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Traveling Woes

My foot, my computer bag, in some airport
Middle of last week, I headed out for another business trip. They're pretty routine at this point-- I travel to a new city, teach a class the next day, and travel back home the day after that.

Last week, I started my first day at the wrong airport terminal and things continued the wrong way the entire day. I made it to the correct terminal, which was swarming with "explosives experts". Then, a medical emergency on one of the flights. I thought I was home free when I landed in Canada, only to be detained by Customs because I was lacking proper documentation, and told I was being denied entry.

Since there were no flights headed back to the US at that point, I was allowed to stay the night in a hotel (without my passport) with strict instructions to report back the following morning.  I did report back, with the proper documentation that had been emailed to me -- but at that point it was too late to conduct the training so I switched my flight to return that day.

Which turned into an almost 18 hour trip that had me crossing back and forth across the country multiple times before I finally was able to fall into Bo's car at the airport.  With an almost-missed connection in LA due to rowdy people who had to be escorted off the plane in Toronto. 

Over 2 days, I traveled just under 5000 miles!  And I never even got to do the training I started out to provide.

And, now I have a cold to top it all off.

Did I mention that I leave for another trip on Friday?  At least this one is within the United States!

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  1. Oi! What a mess, Melanie! I hope your Friday training was the exact opposite of this experience. :o)


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