Monday, September 05, 2011

Review: Zhu Zhu Babies

Don't tell, but when my boys saw the ZhuZhu babies, they both said "oooo  how cute!  But, don't tell anyone I said that!"

ZhuZhu Babies are the latest version of ZhuZhu pets and they are adorable.  We received a party pack to share with friends and a nursery set for the kids to play with.  These miniature ZhuZhu have their own name, birthmark, birthday and collector's code.  They have sweet features and all come with sweet little accessories (so not the best toy for young kids who put things in their mouths).  My kids had a hard time choosing which baby to choose for themselves. When our guests came over, we handed them out and nobody was unhappy with the creature they received.

The kids had a great time with the Baby Bedroom Set.  It had cradles for 3 pets and a place for a momma ZhuZhu to rock them all to sleep.  It was really cute, and the kids had a great time playing with all the pieces.

These little collectibles are very sweet and the kids wrapped them up in their blankets and took turns rocking them in the cradles.

We wrapped up the party with miniature snacks (mini marshmallows, mini pretzels and mini chocolate chips) and drank juice from tiny cups.

I am amazed at all the new ideas that Cepia comes up with for ZhuZhu pets.  There hasn't been a set yet that we've played with that hasn't brought fun to our home!  You can find them at major retailers as well as

In addition to the cool toys, they also have a website full of activities and information about the Zhu-Universe.  Check it out with your kids!

*Disclosure: We received a party pack with the Baby Bedroom and ZhuZhu babies to share with our friends.  No additional compensation was provided.  We want to thank MomSelect and Cepia for giving us the opportunity to play and review their latest product.*

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