Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tell Me Thursday - Back Again

Today I'm headed back to the hospital for removal of both kidney stents, laser lithotripsy on my left kidney, and a new stent in my left kidney.  Hopefully when I head back home, the huge stone that has been blocking that kidney for who knows how long will be gone!  The laser treatment has to be done under general anesthesia, but thankfully it's considered outpatient so I should be home tonight.

Expectation is a few days of recovery, then I am hoping against hope that the stent in my kidney will be removed next week, so that I have a few days to recover from that and I will be ready for the trip to Texas that Nate & I have been planning for months.  Well, no matter what I'm going on that trip, but I don't want to be in the pain that I've been in the last month from those stupid stents while we're there.

I am so ready to put this behind me and get back to some sort of normal life again!  It's been a LONG month.

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