Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel Dreams

If you know me at all, you know I like to travel. I think we do a fair amount of traveling as a family, but if money were no object, we would do quite a bit more! Whenever those "If you won the lottery" questions come up, travel always figures in as a way to spend my winnings -- right after paying off the mortgage.

When I read this post about tying travel to Oscar nominated movies, I thought about the places I would like to visit that were listed.  Of course, Paris, France is high on that "no-worry-about-cost" list, and we just watched the movie Inception this week. (Although, I didn't understand why they flew to Paris . . . except as a way to connect with his FIL, but why would he be teaching in Paris anyway? Ok, I get it, it was a dream . . . so back to my dream travels.)

After Paris, we'd head off to London, England and relive some of the scenes from The King's Speech.  While I have been to Paris, I've never been to London and I would like to visit someday.  Eat fish & chips and see the sights and not worry about a language barrier!  (I still remember the French laughing at my laughable attempt to speak French.)

Of course, there are still plenty of places I'd like to visit right here in the United States as well.  Since that is more in my budget, maybe a trip to Santa Fe, NM could be in the cards this year!  (After we watch True Grit, of course!)

What about you?  Where would you travel if money were no object?  What movies have prompted you to visit (or want to visit) different places?

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