Monday, March 07, 2011

Kids Cooking Academy (Frigidaire)

2 years ago, I was one of the fortunate bloggers to be chosen to be part of Frigidaire's Team Refrigerator.  Since receiving my awesome Frigidaire refrigerator, we've been thrilled with the space and extra features that make preparing and storing food easier. Each day, I am grateful for the crushed ice feature!

Frigidaire recently launched a Kids Cooking Academy, with Jennifer Garner as the spokesperson.  Each day, they post helpful tips to encourage kids to be more active in the kitchen and meal preparation.  They also have wonderful recipes posted and even how-to videos!

I will confess that I want my kids to be more active in the kitchen, but it also stresses me out when they try to help and I'm in a hurry or trying a new recipe. I believe it's important that they are comfortable in the kitchen, so I am trying to be better!

Colin is currently learning how to make scrambled eggs and I realized that I do better when I have the time to step back and guide him through the steps.  I think he'll be ready after a couple more times to make them independently.  I'm also trying harder to involve the kids in the prep-work and accepting that I have to start sooner or eat later!

If you join the Kids Cooking Academy, you can also enter for a chance to win a new oven range.  They are also donating $1 to Save The Children for each visit to the site between now and April 25, 2011.

*Disclosure: I received a gift certificate from Frigidaire in exchange for posting information about Kids Cooking Academy.*

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