Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tell Me Thursday - Viola

Colin is in the red shirt, with his viola.  He is playing at ASU, as part of the Strings Project.  Graduate and undergraduate music students teach elementary kids on Saturday morning so that the kids can improve their playing, and the students are able to practice teaching.

He started a month or so ago, and I am very pleased with the efforts of everyone involved.

When we toured the public school before school began this year, I told him I wanted him to join the orchestra.  He threw a mini-fit at the time. We circled back to the table with orchestra information and I repeated my desire for him to consider the orchestra.  He looked at me like I was mad.

School started, and kids had the opportunity to meet with the orchestra teacher to see if they were interested.  I insisted that he attend.  He came home excited about the opportunity to play viola.

He doesn't practice nearly as often as I'd like, but he truly enjoys playing and has had a wonderful year.  He takes private lessons once a week, in addition to the Strings Project and orchestra at school.  He recently told me that he wants to try out for Phoenix Youth Symphony next year.  (I hope that means he plans to practice more often!)  He has also shared that he wants to keep learning so that when he is in high school he can offer private lessons to help earn money for college.

I never took up an instrument, but I remember the lovely music my sister played on her flute & trombone.  I'm glad he's excited about music, and I hope that it becomes a lifelong hobby for him.

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