Wednesday, October 11, 2006

what have we been up to?

On Saturday, we attended the first in a series of family concerts by the Phoenix Symphony. This concert was all Beethoven and we had a wonderful time! Before the concert, they set up areas for the kids to try out different instruments, get balloon animals, watch a children's drum troupe, participate with the conductor, do a craft . . . and probably a few other things as well!

Our tickets are in the 2nd row, center section. The concert itself lasted about an hour - which is the perfect length of time for kids. The boys loved the symphony, and I loved being able to experience live music with my entire family. The prices were pretty amazing, too -- I paid less than $200 for the 4 of us to attend the 5 concerts in the series. We realized the new baby will likely be here for the last concert, but I don't imagine a newborn snuggled in a sling will take much notice!

Oh, and the conductor was lovely! He was very involved with the kids and was available after the concert as well as people were leaving. He seems wonderful.

Other than that, we've gone out to eat a few times (much more than I wish we would -- but planning and preparing meals seems to be impossible for me at the moment.) We've done some schooling - keeping up pretty well with nature journals, reading and math. I would like to get back on track with the art projects and I need to work with Nate on his letter recognition.

Monday I had 2 root canals. Ouch. I'm still sore / sensitive, but honestly, it's not that bad. I've taken Tylenol for the pain, which didn't do much the day after, but it's helping today.

I'm still feeling pukey and tired, but I admit that seeing the heartbeat did a lot for my attitude.

I'm still trying to find cleaning help. It's much more difficult to find what I want, at a price we can afford -- but I'm still looking.

We've decided to pour another patio near the pool, since our table and chairs couldn't fit very well on the deck that was poured. We also need to order all the rock to be spread around the pool area and then I think we should be finished over there!

I'd like to get some plants at the Botanical Garden's plant sale this weekend for my garden on the other side, but I'm not sure if I'll make it. We'll see. That area needs to be thouroughly cleaned again -- weeded and rubbish removed and rocks spread over there, too.

I'm also planning a Halloween party for the boys. We've held one the last 3 years, so it's become a bit of a tradition. I'm still debating how big to have it . . . I'd like to keep it small, but I'm not sure how small I'll be able to keep it? More thoughts and planning need to go into that.

And I'm sleeping a lot. More than I thought possible. But, I'm sure it's all needed, and I'm hoping for a burst of energy in a few weeks!

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