Sunday, October 15, 2006

clenched fists

I clench my fists when I'm stressed, nervous, worried, etc. Amazingly enough, it's something I have likely always done but was never aware of until a friend pointed it out to me while I was in college. We were looking at pictures from our trip to Europe and he said "And there you are with your fists clenched again!" And I replied "What? What are talking about?" and he explained to me that I always clench my fists when I'm worked up.

And he was right! I never noticed it before then, but he made me aware of it and I tried to be more aware of it and let my fists go.

Lately, I'm not sure if I'm doing it more -- or if I'm more aware for some reason. I find myself in bed with my fists are clenched tight . . . sometimes all it takes is a conscious decision to relax them to let me fall asleep. I find myself sitting on the couch watching TV; and my fists are clenched tight.

I'm trying to let go . . . relax . . . and trust . . . and be at peace. Now if only my hands would get with the program!


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    It's amazing to me how much our bodies give us away.

    My husband says he knows if I am lying or under stress because my nystagmus (wiggling eyes) becomes more pronounced. And I can see my mom becoming angry when she presses her lips together.

    I hope you can find a way to relax!

  2. I used to bite down my teeth or clench my jaws...whatever you want to call it!
    Sometimes I notice I'll be sitting still and just some part of my body will be tight until I think....relax won't ya for pete's sake! LOL!
    Maybe you could get hubby to do some foot massages until you fall fast asleep..put some nice handcream that smells lovely on before you go to bed and consciously gently open your fingers and relax your hands and say a little prayer.. hope that helps! :)


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