Tuesday, October 03, 2006

September's Reading List

My list is pretty long this month, which is indicative of how I've been feeling. Not feeling well = more time to read.

(*) The Garlic Ballads by Yan Mo. this book was disjointed, brutal, confusing and depressing.

(***) Good Women: 3 Novellas by Jane Stevenson. The first 2 novellas in this book were so-so, but I thoroughly enjoyed the 3rd one. The first was about adulterers, the 2nd was about a woman who saw angels and then somehow believed it was okay to kill her husband(?) and the 3rd was about an older woman being forced from her home by her daughter-in-law. (she triumphs in the end - the mom, not the DIL)

(*****) Letters on an Elk Hunt by Elinor Pruitt Stewart. Just as enjoyable as the last book read by this author.

(**) Rug Merchant by Meg Mullins. Eh . . . not much else to say

(**) At Risk by Patricia Cornwell. She's written much better books than this one.

(****) The Birthdays: A Novel by Heidi Pitler. Wonderful character development! Great portrayal of family dynamics.

(***) Cage of Stars by Jacquelyn Mitchard. I didn't want to like this book because I'm not a big fan of Mitchard and I knew M*rm*ns were the main character in this book. However, it was a good story. I just wish she hadn't made the main character marry a Catholic at the end and make the assumption that he would convert (which he would have had to do if they married in the temple).

(***) Lost Gardens: English Garden Mystery by Anthony Elgin. Fun mystery set in the English countryside.

(*****) Wyoming Wedding by Nancy Parra. Historical, Old West romance. Very fun and well-done! Not a big fan of most romances, but this one inspired me to go check out 2 more of her books from the library and I wasn't disappointed with those either!

(****) Prince of Beverly Hills by Stuart Wood. fast-paced, 1930's settting, fun

(*****) 12 Sharp by Janet Evanovich. FUN! Love her Stephanie Plum series

(****) A Place Called Trinity by Delia Parr. Midwifery in the 1800's. good read

(****) Death du jour by Lou Jane Temple. One of the spice box mystery books -- set in revolutionary France.

(*****) Bettin' Kind by Nancy Parra. Another Morgan family romance. Fun!

(*****) Marryin' Kind by Nancy Parra. Yet another Morgan family romance.

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