Wednesday, January 01, 2014

So Long, 2013 . . .

Last year found us rejoicing when Nate recovered from his weird illness (no relapses! no real answers either!), and watching my dear father slowly, then quickly deteriorate until he died in March.  There's a lot of numbness and grief and sadness that I'm still trying to cope with  - but I'm trying to meet it head on even though sometimes I'm completely overwhelmed.

2008 - I love how Lydia is looking over at my Dad!
August 2013 - our RV
I traveled a bunch for one client, and we traveled quite a bit as a family.  We bought an RV in early spring, which I think was one of the absolute best things we have ever purchased.  We have taken numerous camping trips since, exploring various places in Arizona and California, and look forward to many, many more trips.

So much more happened in 2013.  But to take a glance back to what stands out -- this about covers it.  Family, Death, Grief, and Travel.

Realizing how much I love my husband and depend on him. ( I have never doubted it, but this year situations arose that made it even clearer and dearer in my heart.)

Missing my dad desperately.  I thought I was somewhat prepared, but every day I wish I could talk to him again.

Enjoying the peace and laughter that camping brings the entire family.  Watching our kids explore the wilderness, and our 2 youngest tempt the eldest out of the RV to join them has provided hours of delight.

In 2014, I expect more travel. (Big trips on the horizon - including Europe with my mom & siblings!)

Most of all, I expect more love.  More gratitude.  More peace.

I recently came across this quote from Jim Henson and it seems fitting to kick off 2014. 

“Watch out for each other. Love everyone and forgive everyone, including yourself. Forgive your anger. Forgive your guilt. Your shame. Your sadness. Embrace and open up your love, your joy, your truth, and most especially your heart.”
~ Jim Henson 

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