Thursday, November 14, 2013

I am Mom to a Teenager!

Tonight, I was texting my sister and talking about Colin's birthday and she said "Remember when he would make me draw toes on snowmen??  And now you have a teenager!"

She's right.  When he was very young, he absolutely loved snowmen, even though he didn't see snow until years later.

This morning, I wake up as a mom to a teenager.  This amazing young man who made me a mother turns 13 today.

He's passionate about the things he likes.  He's extremely smart, extremely kind, and extremely thoughtful. He is my most sentimental child, the one who loves tradition. He still loves to read, and still prefers fiction over non-fiction.  When forced to read non-fiction, he has discovered biographies of favorite authors (like Tolkien).  He is excelling in school, and while PE has been a least favorite class, he also discovered this year that he really enjoys playing tennis.

He and Nate are still the best of friends, and while they may not speak a private language anymore, they spend hours together talking, conspiring, and planning who knows what. He's a good big brother to Lydia, always making sure she is safe and taking time to talk with her friends and be a good sport when they coerce him into playing.

He's tall!!  I think he's taller than his aunt, and his feet are as big as mine. His voice is just starting to crack every once in a while, so I'm expecting more cracking as it deepens over this year. His legs are long, as is his hair.  Yes, he has a red mop on his head, but when he was little I always said there were more important things to take a stand on than hair. I'm trying to keep that in mind as I remember what an excellent young man he is, even if his hair is longer and messier than I'd like.

For his 13th birthday, he requested Pei Wei, so we're headed there tomorrow after he competes in a trial game for the National Academic League.  Saturday he begins private tennis lessons, which are one of his birthday presents.  He's also receiving books.  Many books!  As well as a Lord of the Rings Lego set and a few other things.

Today, we will celebrate Colin Jeremiah.  My eldest.  My first-born.  My son.

But, there are plenty of times when I still remember him just like this:

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