Saturday, March 02, 2013

Tough few months

Some of you may remember back in November when I mentioned that Nate had a mysterious illness that affected his ability to walk.  He had 2  hospitalizations, one which culminated in sending him home in a wheelchair.  He is so much better than he was (plans to return to altar serving and soccer next week!) but he's yet to be 100%.  We're still visiting specialists and trying to make sure he doesn't have a relapse.

And, then, there have been my kidneys.  I had another attack in November, followed by another in December, then a doozy in January that knocked me flat for a few weeks.  It's so difficult because I have no warning, and then I'm down.  It's frustrating for the company I contract with, since I have had to cancel at the  last minute a few classes now and it's hard to replace me at the last minute.  I'm slowly returning to teaching, but . . .

My dad, who has been sick for quite a while, has recently taken a turn for the worse. A little over a week ago, a decision was made to accept hospice care in his home.  My mom is an amazing caregiver, but he requires 24/7 care these days and so I've been doing what I can to support them both.

There's more to each of those stories, but it explains why I've been missing in action mostly these days.  Because, of course, there's more to life than just what I've posted, but those things have probably taken up the bulk of my time and effort.  If you've been wondering where I am, though -- now you know!

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