Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gutzy Gear Review

A couple weeks ago, Lydia and her friends at preschool / daycare had a little party where we handed out some fabulous Gutzy Gear.  MomSelect sent us a great selection to share with the kids, and they were thrilled!

Gutzy Gear is the brainchild of 2 creative cousins who were inspired by their grandmother's old golf sweater covered with patches from different golf courses.  They designed the straps to help kids show off their creativity and personality.

The straps slip easily over backpack straps (or messenger bags, or duffel bags, or pretty much anything with a strap!)  The fun then begins with the hundreds of patches to choose from.  The patches come in packs of 2.  They easily attach to the straps, but they don't easily fall off.  They can be removed and re-positioned easily, but they don't budge once they're placed on the straps.

Most of the kids brought backpacks with them each day, so they immediately slipped the soft straps on their backpack straps and added the fun, decorative, velcro patches.  There are so many different styles that everyone can find something to show off their individual style.  And I do mean there are a ton of designs!  Everything from superheroes to puppies to rock guitars to monsters.

The kids were excited, and Lydia found it funny that they thanked her all day long for their new decorative backpacks.  They were showing off their Gutzy Gear and didn't want to take their backpacks off!

If you visit, you will find the straps, and the wide variety of patches that are easily attached, moved and removed.  You can buy them direct from, or find them online at Amazon, or at local retailers like Target, K-Mart and Toys R Us.  (Check out their store locator for specific locations.)

If you're on Facebook (Okay, nowadays who isn't?) check out Gutzy Gear there to see fun designs and learn about special promotions they're running.

Lydia has been in school for a couple weeks now, and this weekend she informed me that we needed to order more Gutzy Gear because her new friends in Kindergarten want some of their own.

I think they're a hit!

*Disclosure:  I received a party pack with products to share with our local friends from Mom Select and Gutzy Gear.  No additional compensation was provided.  All opinions shared are my own.*

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