Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Review: 1-800-Specs

I have worn glasses (or contacts) since I was 6 years old.  I can't see much of anything without corrective lenses, so there's never an option of leaving them behind.  As I've gotten older, I find myself needing bifocals in order to continue reading. 

My last pair of glasses was the least expensive I could buy at the local eyeglass place and I think they set me back about $300 because of the high prescription and the need for bifocals.  They also weren't very attractive.  Okay, I didn't like them at all.

I wear contacts most of the time, but I have a hard time reading with them.  I have planned for a while to replace my glasses with a nicer pair.

I was offered the opportunity to try out recently and jumped at the chance!  I found a copy of my last eye prescription  so that I could place my order. (I always ask for a copy so I can get the best prices on contacts and glasses.  Did you know that your eye doctor has to give you a copy if you ask?  Those prescriptions belong to you!)

There are lots of choices on their site, even when I narrowed it down to glasses that I could get progressive lenses.  I went back a few different times over a couple days to try and decide which pair I wanted to try. I finally narrowed it down to the pair you see above and entered my information.   I've ordered glasses online before, and knew that the hardest part was figuring out your PD (pupillary distance).  If you google it, there are plenty of sites that help you determine yours, or you can ask your eye doctor to measure it and tell you the number.  That number is never included with your prescription.

The ordering process was easy.  I entered my frame choice, my prescription and my shipping/billing information.  Two weeks later, the glasses were in my mailbox.  I took them out, tried them on, adjusted the nose piece, put them back on and was very happy!  They are so much cuter than my old pair, and I can see out of them perfectly.  I ordered progressive lenses and was a little worried about seeing -- but I didn't need to worry.

If you need glasses, I would check out 1-800-Specs and look at all the frames they offer!  I was very happy with how easy it was to use their site and how quickly my glasses arrived. The quality is better than my last pair of glasses purchased locally, are so much cuter, and cost more than 2/3 less!  Since 3 out of 5 of us currently wear glasses, I know I'll be ordering again!  It's much easier on our budget than local choices.

*Disclosure: In exchange for my honest review, I received a pair of prescription eyeglasses from  No additional compensation was provided.*


  1. Those are stunning! Isn't it fabulous? I am loving mine. :)

  2. Those look great! This is too funny. I hadn't been on your blog in a while, and I came on today to try to find the place you mentioned before about buying eyeglasses online! My daughter is getting her first pairs, and I know we will inevitably need to get more. Thanks for the info.


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