Sunday, November 13, 2011

He Can't Be 11

Colin turned to me in the car a couple days ago and said "Hey, Mom!  In 5 years I'll be driving!!"  When I told Bo the story later, he furrowed his brow and said "No, he won't."  Then, his face changed as he realized that . . . yes, he will!  (Well, if he's like his father he will.  If he's like me, he won't drive until he's 21.  But that's another story.)

My sweet, intelligent, emotional, intense, considerate boy turns eleven today.  What to say on such a day?  I could tell about my pregnancy (brief though it was -- well, my knowledge of it anyway), or I could tell his birth story (a bit dramatic, but the end result was a red-headed bundle in my arms), or I could tell stories of his first few years (always a tale to remember!)

Instead, this year I think I'll talk about the young man he is just this moment.  I have fond memories of the past 11 years and I look forward to the future.  Right now, though, I want to cherish.  Because he will never be 11 years old again.

At 11, he loves to read.  He prefers fantasy usually, and he especially likes books that come in a series so he can continue reading about the characters book after book after book.  That doesn't stop him from reading other types of books, though.

He loves Pokemon cards, and recently has started with Redakai cards. He enjoys playing games on his Nintendo DSi, and lately he has been building animations with FlipNotes more than actually playing games on it.

He has no care for fashion, or his hair, or anything like that.  It never crosses his mind to brush his hair or plan his outfits.  He'll take care of these things when prompted, but he really has no interest.

He has strong likes and dislikes, and knows his own mind. He is particular about how he likes his food, but mac & cheese remains one of his favorites from when he was tiny.

He is a strong student, but I think he finds himself a bit bored this year.  I need to help him find something to be passionate about (beyond Pokemon).

He loves his family fiercely, and enjoys his friendships.  He likes to be around people and is never shy to share his opinions.

He has a strong sense of right and wrong.  He is extremely sentimental and believes in following family traditions.  In fact, the picture you see is our traditional birthday picture in this family -- when he was 4 he saw this cake at the store and wanted it desperately.  Now, every year, each kid has their picture taken by the inflatable cake.

I'm a bit in shock today that I'm the mother of an 11 year old. I always wanted children, and we went through a time when we weren't sure how our family was going to grow. He was a surprise, a blessing, a miracle -- and he continues to surprise me, bless me, and remind me of miracles each and every day.

Happy Birthday, #1 Son!

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