Sunday, October 14, 2007

things about L

Just a few things to say about L --

She's very ticklish and laughs a LOT!

She anticipates being tickled even! If someone comes near her, and she thinks she might get tickled, she'll start to giggle. It's very cute ;)

I can see that her muscles are growing stronger, but she hasn't mastered sitting independently yet.

When someone else is holding her, and she catches sight of me, her arms and legs start flailing -- as if she's trying to fly out of their arms and into mine. When I take her, she snuggles her face into my neck and holds on tight. She will glance up and grin at whomever was holding her, and then snuggle right back into me. It's very sweet :)

Her eyes light up when she hears her brothers & her father, and especially when she catches sight of them. They dote on her right back.

Her sleep is so - so these days, but we're managing.

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