Thursday, October 04, 2007

rolling, rolling, rolling

Our little girl rolls both ways with no trouble these days.

After a few nights of solid sleep, she was up this morning at 3AM. Not hungry, but wide awake! I watched the Top Chef finale while she giggled and cooed and then finally decided to eat and settle back to sleep around 5:30.

I pulled out the cloth diapers yesterday. Money is ridiculously tight right now, and dropping $10 for a pack of disposables cuts into our budget too much. Thankfully, I still have many diapers from C & N, so we can start up again with no expense. I kept telling myself I'd start using cloth when I was on top of laundry, but that hasn't happened. Maybe using cloth will help me get back on top of my laundry? They make her bottom so big in cloth! I will have to bump up to the next size in onesies just to fit in her new diaper butt!

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