Monday, August 27, 2007

L's Baptism

We baptized L yesterday in the Catholic Church. It was a very nice ceremony, attended by some wonderful friends from our parish.

She did beautifully! Our parish does the baptisms after mass once a month. I fed her during mass, and she was content throughout the brief ceremony. DH's dear friend came from Milwaukee with his wife to be godfather, and one of my dear friends from my old working days is her godmother. We put together a luncheon afterwards at our home, and ended up with over 30 people enjoying my greek chicken salad and lots of other goodies. She received some beautiful gifts that will be treasured. One friend tied the gift with raffia and a large seashell, which I thought was so beautiful and appropriate! (Our church uses a large seashell to pour the holy water as well.) There are more pictures up at my picture blog. The picture at left was her morning nap as I was running around making sure everything was ready when we returned home.

There is such a peace and feeling of grace now that all my babes are baptized. I admit I was stressed when getting ready for yesterday, but it all came off beautifully.

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