Friday, August 17, 2007

back from vacation

We took a family vacation to WI for 8 days and survived!

My parents have been planning a party for their 40th anniversary for over a year, and it happened to work out that they planned it for mid-August which also celebrated our 10th anniversary and my brother returning from Kuwait.

We arrived late Sunday evening and stayed at my parents' home for the beginning of the week. We went to the zoo Monday, got together with a group of DH's friends from his National Guard days Monday night, did something on Tuesday, helped my parents get ready for their party on Wednesday, got together with DH's dad, girlfriend and DH's cousins Wednesday night, took a trip to the Wisconsin Dells Thursday and Friday with my brother and SIL. Friday night we checked into a hotel, but had to check back out Saturday because they had no non-smoking rooms. We checked into another hotel, celebrated my parent's 40th on Saturday with family that came in from NY, CA, NV, NJ, FL, WA and AZ, enjoyed a BBQ at my parents on Sunday with all that out-of-town family, had lunch with FIL on Monday, visited the parents of DH's best friend from high school, visited the Marian Shrine in West Allis and my favorite Catholic store . . . and flew home. On a plane that was delayed over 3 hours (during which we sat IN the plane on the runway . . . UGH) which got us back to our house at 3AM.


The kids all did amazing. I felt judged more than once about many of my decisions, but whatever. I only see most of these people once a decade or so. I realized that I'm grateful to be far away from many of them so that the decisions I've made haven't been scrutinized to my face over the years because I realize they would have been harder to make - if that makes sense? I was questioned/judged about our decision to homeschool, breastfeed, carry my child most of the time, stay at home, etc. etc.

It was an exhausting week, but I'm very glad we went. Putting aside the judgmental comments, I was thrilled to see many of the family and friends we saw. My 81 year old great-uncle made it, and we have a picture of him with L -- the oldest & youngest in the family at the moment. I also felt quite a bit of love and caring.

I have about 800 pictures to go through and share. I'll share some on my picture blog, and make a few shutterfly books for my parents and ourselves. I'm glad I bought a 2G card for my camera, since I used that and about 1/2 of my 1G card.

The boys started their enrichment program on Wednesday as well as t-ball and coach pitch. We'll start homeschooling next week. L is being baptized on the 26th - and her godfather and wife are coming in on the 25th from WI. I need to clean out the boys room and hope they don't mind sleeping on twin beds for the weekend. I also need to plan a lunch for some family and friends that day (and invite some family and friends!)

Lots to do in the next few days!

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