Friday, June 15, 2007


We've had a busy week, and everyone is surviving ;)

L's schedule has her waking between 2 and 3AM and staying awake until 6 or 7AM, after going to sleep around 10. While I appreciate the 10 - 2 schedule, I wish she would return to sleep after eating at 2 instead of staying awake and grazing for 4 more hours. Thankfully, DH is able to feed the boys breakfast and they're pretty good about playing together so I can sleep from 7 to 10 with L, otherwise I'd be a complete zombie. I know it'll change again soon, so I'm just waiting it out.

Monday I had my spa visit.

Tuesday my cleaning lady came to help me catch up. She's due with her first in about a month, so I won't be seeing her again. I felt guilty having her come in and clean, but she said she was happy to do it. I'm trying to figure out if I should find different cleaning help, or work harder at doing it myself. Question is still up in the air.

Wednesday my friend and her 1 year old came to visit. (why I had to have my cleaning lady come) We had a very nice visit and her baby is a doll.

Thursday I took L for her 6 week checkup. She weighs 8lb 11oz, which puts her in the 10-25% -- consistent with my boys. Her length and head circumference puts her in the 50%. She's perfectly fine and doesn't have to go back until 4 months. Mid-morning, a friend of Colin's, his mom and younger brother came over for a pool date. Lovely family, and hopefully we'll do more with them as I like her, and her boys.

Today I'm taking the kids for a professional portrait -- L's first. Not sure how it'll go or how L will do -- but I'm taking a "whatever" attitude about it. Even if I just get a nice portrait of the boys I'll be happy.

Nothing on the calendar for tomorrow, and not sure what DH wants to do on Sunday for Father's Day (gee, I should probably ask!)

The boys start zoo camp next week -- and I know there will be much angst as they will have to leave the house around 7AM -- extremely early for both of them. Thankfully, DH will drop them off in the morning and then L&I will pick them up at noon.

I need to figure out some meals, make sure I do laundry, and nurse the babe. Not too bad, really. I also need to go through the pile of mail on the dining room table and deal with the things that need action.

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  1. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Well, sounds like yer "movin' right along" there Melanie. You sound a little melancholy - hope that's just me hearing it - no matter, I'm keeping you in my prayers anyhow.


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