Thursday, May 31, 2007

summer plans

I think I was a little over-eager when making plans for the boys this summer. After the money has been spent, I realize they would have been fine just hanging out at home and in our pool -- but I think they'll have a good time all the same.

They're attending 3 week-long camps this summer. The first is next week and is put on by 2 local museums. I think the topic is animals. I can't find the information for it at the moment - but I know it starts next week.

They have a week off, then a week at Zoo Camp. You would *think* the topic would be animals, but it's actually about the earth and conservation.

The following week is our church's vacation bible school. I'm glad that they're going with a Catholic program again this year. (Not that there's anything wrong with protestant VBS programs - it's just that we're Catholic.)

The camps are all half-day programs, which is perfect for this age range, I think. DH will drop them off most mornings and L & I will pick them up. I need to start thinking about lunches because I know they'll be starving when they get out.

The rest of July is free, then in August we're headed off to WI for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary party and family reunion. In mid-August the boys will start at the homeschool enrichment program, and we'll start homeschooling again.

As for me, I'd like to think that I could get to the projects I never got to while pregnant -- but that might be asking too much. Perhaps I could hope for completing 1 or 2 of them, while planning for our school year. I hope to be more out and about next year than we were this year. I need to start thinking about goals for the coming year - not just academic ones for the boys, but goals for our family as well.

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