Wednesday, May 30, 2007

baby update

Well, we'll see how much I can type before L decides she needs to eat again ;)

She's 4 1/2 weeks old today and things are going pretty well. So far, she's a laid-back, content baby for the most part. The first week or so I don't think she even cried -- which of course worried me, especially since my boys were both big noise-makers (still are!) She does cry, of course, but she doesn't cry much. She eats often, but she also has a couple long periods of sleep each day - including one at night - so I can't complain.

The boys are totally in love with her. It took N a little while to warm up, but he has and both boys are eager to see, talk, kiss and make faces at her.

I've been enormously blessed by families in our homeschool group bringing meals to us. I don't even know 90% of the moms who have brought meals to us, which I find amazing. And we're still receiving meals this week and next!

My mom and SIL came out last week and that was wonderful, too. I was able to rest lots, and my mom prepared 3 meals a day for us AND cleaned up.

Getting out is a challenge, but not that bad. I'm grateful for grocery delivery and Amazon to take care of most of my shopping needs.

Well, that's all for now as she's starting to grunt and root . . . and I'm going to have to make her wait a little bit longer so I can put out dinner for the boys (a wonderful woman brought meat loaf, mashed potatoes, cherries, and rice krispie treats for us tonight!)


  1. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Well, I'm glad to know things are going well! I'm going to look at your photo blog you mentioned in a minute....but I LOVE that cute little outfit she's in in this picture!

    What a great mom you have!!!

    Thanks for the update kiddo!

  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Thanks for the update, it's good to know how 'L' is doing since her entry into the world :-)

    I can't imagine having a baby that didn't cry lot's, all the time. Both my children were noisy, unrelenting babies...and they still can be despite one being 15 and the other 11 ;-)


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