Wednesday, February 07, 2007

where I've been

Tons of out-of-town company have blown through this past week and 1/2, with a generous side of family drama to go along with it.

I'm tired, I'm stressed, and I'm grateful that only my parents will be in town after tonight. They'll be here another week, so I expect blogging to continue to be light.

I'm overall doing okay, but a couple bouts of contractions have scared me a bit. I'm trying to keep up my water intake, resting often, attempting to avoid stress (the worst batch of contractions were the direct result of a ridiculously stressful situation) and talking plenty to the babe. She has been told that she has at least 10 more weeks to stay put and I hope she's listening! (I'm 26 weeks today.)

Other than that, all is fine.

1 comment:

  1. 26 weeks? Fantastic, Melanie! You need to rest up and get spoilt by hubbie :-)


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