Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to my hubby!

Today is my darling husband's 38th birthday (yes, I married a younger man!)

I'm feeling bad because we didn't really do much for it . . . he ended up going to the doctor and we met with an architect about adding on to our home. He called me after his doctor's appointment, and I asked him if he wanted a cake. He said "no, that's okay" and I said "Oh, well, I was thinking that since you were out anyway you could pick one out for yourself!" He is also picking up pizza for his dinner.

I feel terrible. Thankfully, he doesn't -- he doesn't expect anything, but that just makes me feel worse. His family never celebrates birthdays -- in the 12 years I've known him, his own mother has never even called him on his birthday.

When my parents were here, my mom DID celebrate his birthday . . . she got him a decorated cake and a very nice gift . . . so at least we're not ALL losers. LOL! And the boys did make him adorable cards and we gave him a couple small gifts today.

I usually make more of an effort, but I'm just not up to it this year. NEXT year I will do better.

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