Tuesday, December 27, 2005


B is very sick. He slept most of yesterday away, tossed and turned and coughed all night long, went to his meeting this morning, had a sales call cancel, and has been in bed again since coming home at 1. He's feverish now, all over body aches, cough and congestion. It's either the flu or bronchitis like my sis.

I have a migraine today and am barely able to see my head hurts so bad.

Thankfully, the boys play together well and aren't feeling poorly (yet).

I spent the last week & 1/2 caring for my sick sis, and it looks like I'm headed into more sick care. B is so rarely ill that he's kinda like a little kid that just doesn't understand he has to rest to feel better usually -- so I know he's very sick since he has willingly gone to bed 2 days in a row.

I'm really hoping the boys don't catch this. With no insurance until June, I don't know how we can find the extra money to pay for doctor appointments and prescriptions for the 3 of them. I think that's what is stressing me more than anything. In fact, I know that is what is stressing me more than anything. I need to give it up to the Lord - but right now my head hurts so bad I'm nauseous.

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