Monday, December 26, 2005


Christmas was lovely. The boys were thrilled with their gifts and we had a very laid back, relaxing day. My sister is still sick with bronchitis, but did come over for a bit in the afternoon and stayed for dinner.

My mom told me yet again today how we should just sell our house and move back to Wisconsin where "we belong". I wish she understood how I believe we "belong" here -- and how the chances of us moving back to the midwest are pretty slim. I won't say never; because you just don't know what life may bring. But, as it stands now, I have no intention of leaving Arizona.

B is sick with a cold. He's rarely sick, and I hope that this cold doesn't last long. Purely selfish on my part because I don't want the boys or myself to catch it and I don't want him to lose time from work. I'm lucky that he doesn't turn into a baby when he's sick. I hear from various women that their husbands tend to become completely helpless when they're sick. I have to say that it would annoy me to no end if he was like that!

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  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Hey Mel! (Do you mind if I say 'Mel'?)
    Just thought I'd say hello there. I'm not much of a commentor...but then, you're the silent type too, eh?
    Hope all is going well with you this Christmas!
    Rob's getting a cold too and Rocky has a slight one...


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