Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Tell Me Thursday -- this boy

I don't have a favorite child, but when I'm sick -- this child is my favorite child.  He is the most caring, most empathetic, and most gentle person to have around when you're not feeling well.

I know -- what a surprise! -- but I was sick again this week.  This time, the entire family came down with a stomach bug.  Nate got it a day earlier than I did, so when I was feeling like a truck hit me, he was the one who made sure I had drinks and even made me Jell-O (and now you know another secret about me -- when I'm sick I crave Jell-O.  I also craved it throughout my pregnancy with him.)

He also quietly played with his sister and plugged in headphones to the television so the sound wouldn't disturb me.  None of which I asked him to do -- he just knew what to do.

This picture is of him visiting his grandfather in the hospice last month. He's also the only one in my family who really talks about his grief or asks about mine.  He's one special kid, and I am honored to be his mom.

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  1. That's why he's known as "Nate the Great". Empathy is a great quality to have. Nate is a special kid.


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