Monday, October 22, 2012

Nate & International Stuttering Awareness Day 2012

October 22 is set aside every year to be International Stuttering Awareness Day.  This year, Nate created a brand new presentation to give to his class that updated the one he created when he was in 2nd grade.  His dad and I visited his classroom this morning so we could watch (and support) him!

He did a great job! He knew the material, and while he most definitely stuttered throughout, he shared some information that was knew to his classmates and even his teacher. The kids in class were all attentive and interested, and asked him some great questions at the end of the presentation.

At the end, he handed out custom "Stutter Like a Rockstar" tattoos I had made.  (It's been awesome being tagged in pictures on Facebook today from some of the people I sent tattoos to!)

One of the questions he was asked was, "Have you ever spoken in front of any other group than your Stuttering Association?"  His answer was "No, but I sure hope to!"  He was also asked if it hurt when he stuttered (he answered "no") and another asked for clarification about the different types of stuttering (he gave excellent examples to explain repetition, prolongation and blocking.)

Here's a quick video Nate made when he got home from school this afternoon --

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