Saturday, May 05, 2012

Review: True Rest Float Spa

My sister floated a few months ago, and absolutely loved it.  We've been trying to find a day that we were both free so I could try it out and we finally were able to make it last week.  This was my sister's third float and my first.

At True Rest Float Spa in Scottsdale,  you float in a pod with a special saline solution that includes 12,000 lbs of epsom salt.  That much salt means that you truly float, with absolutely no effort at all.

Each pod is in a private room.  Once you enter the pod, you pull the lid down (or you can leave it propped open, but that may leave you a bit chilled)  After I showered, I climbed in and pulled the lid to close myself in.

There are 2 different lights available.  One is a solid blue light, the other cycles through 3 different colors.  When you enter, music begins playing for 10 minutes.   You can leave the lights on, or turn them off.  They are really easy to turn on and off, in case you change your mind.

The idea is to relax completely and try to remain still.  I admit that at first I didn't remain still, but instead gently floated around in the pod.  I left the lights on, and listened to the relaxing melodies.  I panicked just a little bit, but realized that I could easily lift the lid and get out if I wanted.

When the music went off, I began to feel very restless.  I decided to embrace the experience by turning off the light and staying very still.

Some time later, I startled awake.  The pod, of course, was still dark and it was very quiet.  It took me a second or two to remember where I was and I turned the light on.  I wasn't sure how much time had passed (there's no way to keep track in the pod), and I thought about lifting the lid and getting out.  I decided to stay in, though, and wait for the ending music to begin (music begins to play again 5 minutes before your hour is up.)

I floated, and waited, and stretched, and just a couple minutes later the ending music did begin.  I finished gently stretching, then got out and showered off the salty water.

I went out to wait for my sister in their lounge area, and felt extremely relaxed. In fact, when my sister came in, I said that I wasn't ready to drive yet because I felt so relaxed. It was a great feeling! We both drank some water, and then boosted our oxygen levels at the oxygen bar (which actually reminded me of giving birth because I think that's the only other time I've received oxygen.)

My sister likes it so much that she has a membership so she can be sure to float at least once a month.  I really liked it, and plan to return again in the future, and hopefully bring Bo to try it out as well.

My mom tried it, and didn't like it at all.  She felt claustrophobic, and never could relax.

If you've been thinking of trying it out, I recommend reading over all the material on their website.  It really helped me know what to expect.  There is also plenty of information on their site about using it as a way of pain relief.  I didn't really notice much improvement in pain, but I've only been once.  Even without specific pain relief, it was very relaxing.

Overall, it was a good experience!

*Disclosure: I wasn't asked to write about my experience, and paid for my float from my own pocket.*

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  1. I tried True Rest in April 2011 and totally loved it. I wish I could afford to do a membership and go every month. I've been thinking about going again as a birthday present for myself. :-)


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