Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tell Me Thursday - Rite of Passage

This picture was taken last week outside of our local public library.

The boys each got their own library cards when they were 4 and able to sign their name legibly.  Lydia has been able to write her own name for a while now, but we don't visit the library as often as we did when the boys were tiny. (Not because we read any less -- it's a combination of having more than a thousand children's books in our house and limited library hours and me working most of the hours the library is open.)

BUT, last week we went to the library and Lydia was able to receive her very own library card.  The boys were both disappointed when they learned that library cards are no longer signed on the back.  (I was, too, since now I don't know how to keep track of whose is whose.)

You can see that she was pleased as punch to check out a few books with her very own card.  She even used the self checkout herself!  She chose some early readers as she has decided that it's about time she learned how to read for herself.

1 comment:

  1. get yard sale stickers (the color dots) and put the child's name on it and attach to the non-important part of the card.


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