Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tell Me Thursday - 2008

This picture was taken in the summer of 2008.  The kids are watching workmen pour a concrete pad so that the outside patio concrete would be level with the indoor floors.

We had this done so that we could move forward on turning that outside patio into what has become an office.  I spent many hours on the outside patio with the kids -- for years we had it fenced in so that Colin could go outside but couldn't wander our entire, large yard.  It's also the place where I hung cloth diapers to dry & be bleached by the sun.  I remember sitting out there in the heat of the summer when Nate was an infant because he loved the heat.

That patio is gone, (although it took much longer to finish the project than anticipated originally,) but right now I'm sitting at my computer in an enclosed space that once was an outdoor patio.

Time changes everything.


  1. Kraig1:43 PM

    Two weeks. Bo and I can have any project done in two weeks. Second floor? Two weeks...

  2. Ok, then. I want an extra room built on the side of the house. Let me know when you'll be here :)

  3. When? Two weeks!


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