Sunday, July 17, 2005

Spending Fiend

Oh, I have been a spending fiend this weekend! It rarely happens, as we rarely have money -- but DH has had a nice spell and the commission check this month was big. Granted, I should have saved most of it to help us through the lean months ahead -- but I spent lots of it instead.

Got an awesome deal on an outside table and chairs and a gazebo for our never-finished backyard. If we ever do finish our backyard, it'll be so beautiful . . . but time & money seem to limit us.

Bought the startings for 5 Christmas gifts, and if I do it right, they gifts will end up costing no more than $20/each! I got picnic blankets (that fold up and zip and also can be a cushion) for $5/each! (reg $20) and then a drink shaker with plastic ice cubes and stirrers for $1.25/each (reg $7). I'm going to round it out with some sunscreen and snacks and drink mixes . . . instant summer picnic! Cute for our family back in the midwest to receive for Christmas, don't you think??

Also bought the boys new swim goggles (way too expensive), dive sticks, mitts for T-Ball (N is too young this year, and was crushed, so we got him a mitt too so they can practice together), C also got a bat and ball, boys got new play-doh, another new ball, DH got a new racquetball racket, and a new gym bag, bought myself some goggles and new pool flip-flops and another pair of sandals.

Let's see, what else? A new steam cleaner because ours is broken. A Swiffer vaccuum to hopefully help me keep the kitchen floor cleaner (time will tell . . . ). A small St. Francis statue for my some-day herb garden (which N managed to break before noon today). Cushions for our patio set that we bought last year on clearance and were too late to get the cushions.

I think that's it? Like I said - I was a spending fiend!

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