Monday, June 20, 2005

another pet peeve

I suddenly have little patience for people (mainly DH - but now my kids are starting it too) that do not answer the question they are asked. I was reminded AGAIN last night when N asked DH "whatcha eating?" when he was eating a handful of nuts. He looked at me laughing and said "What that really means is 'Can I have some?'" and I responded - "No, what it means is he's asking you what you have and instead of answering THE QUESTION ASKED, you respond with giving him some. Why not say "I'm eating some almonds, would you like some?" and then he can answer the QUESTION YOU ASKED."

He just thought I was in a pissy mood. But, he does it ALL the time. I ask him "What time do you need the alarm set for?" when I'm headed to bed and he goes off on a tangent about what is planned for the morning and I have to ask again "OK, but WHAT TIME DO YOU NEED THE ALARM SET FOR?" And, a million other examples I could come up with . . . I think it bugs me more now (because he's always been like this) because my boys are picking up the habit and I think it's an absolutely horrible communication skill to pick up.

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