Thursday, May 29, 2003

I never thought I would be saying anything like this -- but, I really love how the Arizona sunshine bleaches my cloth diapers! It's amazing to me how much brighter and whiter they become after sitting in the sun for a couple hours. I know -- they're DIAPERS . . . and really, does it matter if they're white or stained? But, somehow it makes me happy to put their bottoms in super white dipes!

On another "mothering" note, my boys were in the bathtub last night. C is holding his penis and explaining to his brother "Ok, this is C's very own penis. That is YOUR very own penis. Even Daddy has his very own penis. And then Mommy has her very own penis." I interject - "Well, Mommy doesn't have a penis." Very puzzled look followed by "So, you have a different kind of penis??" Consider explaining to a 2 1/2 year old the anatomy of male/female and decide to respond "Yep, Mommy's got a different kind."

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